Lohan’s Parents Praise Her Progress

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June 4, 2010 | 7:18am EST

Lindsay Lohan’s parents have both praised her progress as she abides by a court order banning her from drugs and alcohol.
The Mean Girls star has been ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet, which will alert authorities if she breaks her booze ban, following a probation hearing last week.
Lohan’s father Michael has been vocal in his recent efforts to convince his daughter to seek help for an alleged prescription drug habit, and he admits he’s proud of the actress for her recent attempts to put her problems behind her.
He tells People.com, “I am happy for her. She’s on the straight and narrow. I hope it continues,” while his ex-wife Dina adds, “She’s fine, she’s good.”
Meanwhile, Lohan’s divorced parents have also made peace – the former couple resolved their longrunning legal battle over child support payments.
Dina has previously accused Michael of failing to keep up with his monthly installments for their other children, Ali, Michael and Cody, and the pair attended a hearing at Nassau County Court in New York on Thursday where the matter was settled.
Michael’s lawyer, John DiMascio, Jr., has confirmed the former couple has resolved their dispute, but details of the hearing have been kept private. He says, “The Lohans are extremely happy. They entered into this agreement after hours and hours of negotiations.”