London Bomb Scare Disrupts Lott & Jamelia’s Birthday Parties

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January 13, 2011 | 7:45am EST

British singers Pixie Lott and Jamelia were forced to halt their birthday celebrations on Wednesday night following a bomb threat in London’s West End.
Jamelia reached the age of 30 on Tuesday, while the Mama Do hitmaker turned 20 years old on Wednesday, and they both headed to Movida nightclub in the U.K. capital to mark the milestones.

However, the parties were abandoned when police were called to a store on nearby Regent Street after a man allegedly broke in and threatened to blow himself up.

The singers and their guests were all evacuated from the club as the area was closed off, but Jamelia refused to let the incident ruin her night.

In a post on her Twitter page, she writes, “Thanks to (my friends) Movida and all my amazing rebels for the best party… It was the BOMB (pun intended).”

A man has been arrested in relation to the incident.