London Files For Injunction To Shut His Mum And Brother Up

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June 30, 2010 | 9:00pm EST

Actor Jeremy London has filed a request for a permanent injunction against his mother and brother in a bid to stop them publicly doubting his recent kidnap story.

The Party of Five star’s brother Jason has ignored a cease and desist warning from his twin by voicing his fears the actor is in need of “serious psychological help” following his alleged ordeal.

The actor claims he was taken hostage by a group of men in California last month after they offered to help him change a tyre on his car.

He insists he was held at gunpoint and forced to drive the men around Palm Springs. London also alleges he was forced to “purchase alcohol and use illicit drugs”.

Brandon Adams, 26, has since been charged with kidnapping, robbery, possession of stolen property, vehicle theft and carjacking.

But London’s mother, Debbie Nielsen, and his brother Jason, have spoken publicly about the star’s drug battle in light of the kidnapping tale, and they’ve questioned the validity of the story.

Jason recently told, “We love Jeremy, we only have his best interests at heart. It’s absolutely false that we’re telling lies about Jeremy. We would never do anything to hurt him. But the story of the kidnapping just doesn’t add up. None of it makes any sense.

“We feel he (Jeremy) needs serious psychological help and drug treatment as soon as possible. Jeremy’s behaviour right now is indicative of whenever he’s back on drugs. The fact that he’s lashing out against his own family and has shut us out is just one more sign of how sick he really is.”