Lopez Lawyers Heading Back To Court To Prevent Honeymoon Footage Sale

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June 3, 2011 | 2:15pm EST

Jennifer Lopez’s lawyers are heading back to court on Monday in a bid to prevent her ex-husband from selling intimate home video footage taken on the couple’s honeymoon to Internet porn sites.
In 2009, the singer/actress won a permanent injunction that prohibited the footage from being released as part of her first husband Ojani Noa’s planned TV project, a judge ruled last month that the injunction did not interfere with Noa or business partner Cynthia Vazquez’s livelihoods.

But Noa’s manager Ed Meyer and Vasquez are seeking to appeal the most recent decision on the footage, with Meyer revealing he has received several offers “in the millions” from officials at top porn sites – if he can free up the film.

But a lawyer for Vazquez insists the video is not technically a “sex tape” even though it reportedly features scenes of nudity.