Mad Men Boss Offers To Take A Pay Cut

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March 31, 2011 | 7:35am EST

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has offered to take a pay cut in a bid to end a financial dispute between TV bosses which has thrown the future of the show into jeopardy.
The fifth season of the hit program, which stars Jon Hamm and January Jones, was due to start shooting this spring ahead of a summer TV debut.

But bosses at the network behind the show, AMC, and the Lionsgate studio which makes the series have failed to agree a deal over the program, leading to lengthy production delays which have pushed the next series back until at least 2012.

AMC bosses are allegedly demanding two characters be cut from the series and episodes shortened to provide more advertising time, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

The news has left devoted fans deeply concerned and they have even launched a Facebook campaign to support the show, called ‘Save Mad Men From the Ad Men’.

But writer/producer Weiner is adamant he’s fighting hard to maintain his project and has even offered to take a pay cut to make sure the show doesn’t suffer. He tells Mad Men fan blog Basket of Kisses, “I am fighting for the cast and for the show. And I appreciate the kindness and concern of the fans… I offered to have less money, to save the cast, and to leave the show in the running time that it’s supposed to be… Even though people have left the show, none of that has ever been about money. I’ve brought the show in on budget. I’ve been a good producer.”