Madonna Appears For Jury Duty

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July 7, 2014 | 6:55pm EST

Superstar Madonna was dismissed from jury duty at a New York court on Monday, just two hours after her arrival.
The Material Girl hitmaker was originally scheduled to fulfill her civic duty in May, but postponed the date due to illness.
On Monday, the singer, wearing black suit, black sunglasses and platform sandals, showed up at the 60 Center Street venue accompanied by two court officers, three policemen, two bodyguards and an assistant, and was ushered upstairs to a private office for a meeting with the head clerk.
She was subsequently released without being interviewed for the panel.
Court spokesman David Bookstaver reveals Madonna was allowed to go free as officials already had plenty of prospective jurors for the day’s cases and didn’t want the Queen of Pop to create a distraction during the selection process.
However, he insisted her court appearance alone “really goes to show that everyone gets called”.