Madonna Makes Surprise Debut At Ultra Music Festival

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March 25, 2012 | 8:56pm EST

Madonna sent fans into a frenzy on Saturday as she made a surprise appearance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida to introduce a set by her producer pal Avicii.
The pop superstar made her debut at the annual event after a clip from the festival’s new film Can You Feel It? was played to the crowd. The segment featured artists like David Guetta, Afrojack, and Avicii discussing the popularity of the electronic dance genre, with Madonna’s hit song Music playing in the background.

But the Material Girl stunned clubgoers when she stepped out from the darkness and into the spotlight to join Swedish house producer/DJ Avicii onstage.

Addressing the audience, she said, “Hello, everybody, I’ve finally made it to Ultra Music Festival! I’ve been here in spirit for many years, but it’s good to be here, finally.

“In my world, music and dance are not separate. Electronic music has been a part of my career since I started, and I can honestly say, ‘A DJ saved my life.'”

Madonna then helped to get the crowd hyped up as she presented Avicii to the masses, telling them: “Are you ready to dance? Are you ready to sweat? Are you ready to make some noise, motherf**kers?! This next DJ is amazing! Get ready for Avicii!”