Madonna Passed On Fashion Cast Offs To Young Kim Kardashian

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March 7, 2018 | 6:54pm EST

Madonna helped to turn Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney into little fashionistas when they were kids, after handing over a “shoe box” full of trendy costume jewelry.
The Kardashians used to be neighbors with Madonna’s then-manager in California, so the youngsters got to say hi to the pop superstar whenever she would stay over.
Kim shared some of her favorite memories from that time during Tuesday’s MDNA x KKW Beauty event in Los Angeles for the two stars’ cosmetics brands, which Madonna also attended.
“(Madonna), at a time period in her life, moved in with her manager who happened to be our next door neighbor growing up,” Kim recalled. “Our parents were good friends with her manager, so we’d walk their dog after school (sic). So every day we would go over and we would see Madonna. Like, we were shaking.”
The reality TV beauty revealed on one occasion, she and her big sister hit the jackpot – as Madonna decided to pass down a treasure trove of fashionable accessories she had grown tired of.
“I remember so vividly her coming in one day in ripped jeans and a white T-shirt and these combat boots and she had dark short hair and this leather jacket, and she just walked in and she was like, ‘You know what, girls? I’m over these bracelets,'” Kim smiled. “And she took off her bracelets and gave us these black rubber bracelets.”
“I was so stupid, by the way,” quipped Madonna. “They don’t make those bracelets anymore!”
The cheap accessories weren’t the only items the singer handed over.
“She gave us all of these neon bracelets and was like, ‘Wait I’ll be right back,’ and gave us this whole shoe box of all of this neon jewelry and earrings,” Kim said. “Kourtney and I went to school the next day and all of our friends were like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so cool, where’d you get those?’ I’m like, ‘Madonna gave it to us.’ They were like, ‘Yeah, right!'”
Kanye West’s wife also remembered watching the pop icon shoot her music video for Cherish back in 1989.
“My best friend Allison Azoff and I were at her parents’ beach house and we went outside hearing music and saw you on the beach filming,” Kim told Madonna. “We sat there all day and watched you and the team… and we were mesmerised and we just talk about it all the time… It was the best memory ever.”