Manganiello’s Superman Loss Left Him Depressed

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August 12, 2011 | 11:15am EST

Joe Manganiello was “severely depressed” after missing out on playing Superman because filming clashed with his work on True Blood.
The actor was asked to audition for the role of the iconic superhero in Zack Snyder’s forthcoming reboot, Superman: Man of Steel.

But his big screen dreams were dashed because of a scheduling conflict with True Blood and the part eventually went to hunky Brit Henry Cavill.

Manganiello says, “(Warner Bros.) wanted me to screen test and part of the screen test process is that they actually have to settle your deal, as if you were cast going into a screen before you get the screen test.

“And so that involved settling of shooting schedule and the dates for shooting Superman would have conflicted with 11 weeks of season five (of True Blood). And as it turns out they had big plans for my character in season five and they were not willing to share me with Superman.

“So regrettably I never got to screen test and I never got to compete for the role. I never got to put on the suit.”

Manganiello admits he was heartbroken after missing out on the coveted role, adding, “This was back in January. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t (upset)… I was really, severely depressed for a few months. For a few months afterwards.

“Because I really thought the direction they were taking the movie and the character, I really thought I had a great idea where to take that and I was very excited and I just wanted to try out my ideas and things. But, you know, it just wasn’t meant to be.”