Mariah Carey Burned With Curling Irons

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July 14, 2010 | 11:35am EST

Mariah Carey is nursing a nasty burn suffered at the hands of a clumsy hairstylist wielding curling tongs.

Carey was being styled on Tuesday when one of her assistants accidentally caught her with the hot tong.

In a series of posts on her page, she writes, “Just now hairstylist (who shall remain nameless) abused me w/a (with a) curling iron while trying to curl and dancing to my new song… ow.

“I’m searching for some aloe or whatever but it’s not looking pretty… it’s basically a welt… Oh the trials and tribulations (of) Divadom! Now he’s all trying to put toothpaste on it and swears it’s a home remedy, I’m like ‘Stop crying, you’re NOT fired’.”