Marlee Matlin Alerts Police To Fan’s Suicidal Tweet

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April 2, 2014 | 9:41pm EST

Actress Marlee Matlin became caught up in a Canadian fan’s suicide drama on Wednesday after the teenager declared she was going to take her own life on
The Children of a Lesser God star became panicked after Raena Patatta from Nova Scotia sent her a message via the social networking site and claimed she would be committing suicide at noon.
Matlin retweeted the message for the attention of local police, calling on them to help locate the devotee, who is described on her Twitter page as an 18-year-old quadriplegic.
She later revealed that she had been contacted by a Halifax city cop, who claimed Patatta’s tweet had been a sick prank, prompting the Oscar winner to chastise the follower online.
She wrote, “Was informed by @HfxRegPolice (Halifax Police) that follower who threatened suicide was a hoax. I’m so sorry that this person put us all through this.
“I don’t often publicly reprimand followers but @Raena2013 you did a terrible disservice to those who are dealing with suicide. Shameful.”
However, the events took another surprising turn shortly afterward as police officials insisted the investigation was still ongoing and Patatta’s worrying tweet could actually be genuine.
But the information appeared to be more than Matlin could handle and she decided to sign off from her Twitter account with a warning about the real dangers of mental health, posting: “I’m going to step away from this whole drama of the person who posted a suicide threat. Please, remember mental health is not a joke.”