Marr Hit With Driving Ban

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December 2, 2011 | 4:00am EST

Former The Smiths rocker Johnny Marr has been banned from driving after he was caught speeding at 72 miles (116 kilometres) per hour in a 40 miles (64 kilometres) per hour zone.
The guitarist was driving through Manchester, England in his Audi A5 in April when police stopped him for exceeding the speed limit.

Marr pleaded guilty to the driving offense through his solicitor, Gwyn Lewis, who was in court on his behalf.

He faced a six-month ban from the roads but was instead handed a discretionary ban for 56 days and told to pay an $856 fine, reports Britain’s Daily Mirror.

Lewis said in court, “It was something he deeply regrets and it is the first time he has been banned from the roads.”