Master P Apologizes For Going Public With Estranged Wife’s Personal Problems

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July 24, 2014 | 9:41pm EST

Hip-hop mogul Master P has apologized to his estranged wife, Sonya, for going public with her alleged drug troubles.
The Make ‘Em Say Uhh! hitmaker, real name Percy Miller, has been opening up about his estranged wife’s personal problems ever since she filed for divorce to officially end their 24-year marriage in October.
The move sparked a custody battle over the former couple’s minor children and prompted Master P to speak out about Sonya’s reported struggle with addiction, insisting he would give her whatever she wanted if she got clean.
He said, “I ain’t (sic) been with her in seven years, but I love my family (and) that’s my kids’ mother…
“One thing I wanna say is drugs is really killing a lot of families and I’m not gonna let it destroy my family… We’re good… but my whole thing is, she can have it all if she gets herself together; it’s about her kids, it’s about this family…”
Sonya Miller has denied the accusations, and now Master P admits he was in no position to detail his wife’s issues in the media.
Speaking to talk show host Wendy Williams, he says, “I want to apologize to her, to be honest with you, because I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect but I’m at a good stage in my life right now.
“I don’t have a right to say whatever she needs to do. That was just me kind of like, getting back… if somebody says this about you, knowing I been (sic) taking care of somebody for 20-something years, it kind of hurt a little bit. But at the same time, I feel like in my life, it’s about my kids, it’s about our kids. Whether we never be together, we gotta take care of our kids (sic).”
Master P has also laughed off Sonya’s claims that she has been living on welfare payments from the U.S. government, insisting she has always been well taken care of by both him and their rapper/actor son Romeo.
He adds, “I’m just saying, if she’s living with Romeo, that mean (sic) she’s living a beautiful life. Let’s be honest. If our relationship don’t (sic) work, she has her son Romeo, who’s successful, she will be all right.”