Matt Damon’s Co-star Played Bloody Prank On Elysium Set

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July 26, 2013 | 2:15pm EST

Actor Sharlto Copley pranked his Elysium co-star Matt Damon by trashing his trailer while he was on a break from filming.
The We Bought A Zoo star returned to a messy surprise after taking a hectic few days off.
Copley explains, “Matt had had seven days off and took a red-eye flight (back to the set). He’d had about three hours of sleep, and was expecting to get a little bit of rest.”
However, Damon returned to his home from home and found it filled with fake body parts from the set and his co-star’s dirty laundry.
Copley adds, “There were bloodied limbs in the shower and the sink. There was blood on the sheets. I had left all my dirty clothes from the movie – my underwear, smelly socks – in his bed.
“There was porn in the DVD player… just trash, everywhere. The poor guy walks in, exhausted, just wanting to have a lie-down, but he had to wait an hour or two while the cleaners cleaned his trailer.”
He continues, “I don’t think he found it that funny at the time. But I don’t feel that sorry for him. I mean, he didn’t have to clean it himself.”