Mayer Feared Twitter Would Ruin His Career

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October 5, 2010 | 11:35am EST

John Mayer has explained his decision to delete his account – insisting he feared the social networking site would ruin his career.

The Daughters rocker stunned fans last month by suddenly closing down his page on the microblogging site, losing 3.7 million followers in the process.

Mayer has now posted a message on his official website revealing he made the decision because was worried he wouldn’t make any decent music while he was still using Twitter.

He writes, “Since the invocation of Twitter, nobody who has participated in it has created any lasting art. And yes! Yours truly is included in that roundup as well… No artwork created by someone with a healthy grasp of social media thus far has proven to be anything other than disposable…

“I’m not knocking Twitter for those who are trying to make a name for themselves… But for those who have already established themselves it’s a slow erosion of the artistic notion.”

And Mayer admits he hates the idea of using social media as a marketing tool: “You want to know the best way a musician can start making s**t music? If they start referring to themselves as a ‘brand’… Jif peanut butter is a brand. A singer is a soul… When you convert your art into the art of real-time brand management, I suddenly have no more interest in it…

“I’m not a brand, and I don’t refer to myself in the third person. I’m a dude who plays guitar and writes songs. When I’m done writing and recording them I will market them.”