McCartney Explains Rant At ‘menace Cyclist’

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October 16, 2010 | 9:45am EST

Sir Paul McCartney has explained his bizarre outburst at a speeding cyclist in London last week – he lost his temper after a pedalling thug almost ran into a female pedestrian.
It was reported in the British press that the Beatles legend was walking to his office in the Soho area of the British capital when he was nearly knocked over by a reckless cyclist.

McCartney allegedly launched into a squeaky-voiced rant at the man, shouting, “Ooh, I’m so scary, I’m so scary!”

The musician has now revealed the outburst came after he was forced to throw a female passerby from the path of the courier after he refused to slow down in the busy area.

He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I always get dropped off a few streets from my offices in Soho so I can have a bit of a walk and get ready for the day. I was crossing the road when I saw this bike courier careering towards us.

“I grabbed this woman next to me and threw her out the way. He wasn’t slowing down, he was just swearing at me telling me to ‘eff off’. He was going so fast he had no idea who I was. I started screaming, ‘You’re big and clever, aren’t you? Oh you’re so clever.’

“I was effing and blinding (swearing) and realized everyone was watching. He could have seriously hurt her and others. He was a menace.”