McCready Dismisses Kidnap Reports

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November 30, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Singer Mindy Mccready has broken her silence after the fallen country star’s ex-boyfriend filed a missing persons report when she ‘disappeared’ with the couple’s young son.
Officials in Florida launched a hunt for McCready and her five-year-old boy Zander after she allegedly took him from his father’s home without permission.

But the singer, who has been fighting her mother for custody of her son ever since she was released from prison after serving time for a probation violation in 2008, insists she did not “steal” her child from his dad, Bill McKnight.

Speaking to TV news show Access Hollywood on her 36th birthday, McCready says, “I am working with lawyers to try to get all this straightened out. I did not steal my child, as it would be impossible for me to kidnap what already belongs to me! There never was any missing persons report.”

Police reports suggest that McCready and her son disappeared after she picked him up from her father’s house in Cape Coral, Florida on Tuesday.

McCready has been given until Thursday night to return the child to his dad.