McDermott Prepares For Rehab After Bike Accident

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July 5, 2010 | 8:50pm EST

Tori Spelling’s husband Dean Mcdermott is preparing for a long and painful recovery following his recent dirt bike accident as he prepares to undergo rehab.

The Canadian actor and speed enthusiast was admitted to hospital with a punctured and collapsed lung after the incident last week. He was released from the intensive care unit and moved to a regular ward on Friday after making good progress in his recovery.

But McDermott admits he still has a long way to go before he will be back to full health.

Updating fans on his condition via his blog, he writes, “I’m healing, slowly. I’ll be doing rehab for a while. I messed a few things up when I crashed.”

McDermott gave up professional racing earlier this year after fracturing his shoulder in a motorcycle accident, and he has now vowed to quit his passion for good after the latest health scare.