McKagan: ‘Induction Will Go Ahead For Guns N’ Roses Fans’

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April 13, 2012 | 7:26am EST

Duff Mckagan wants Guns N’ Roses to go ahead with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction without frontman Axl Rose because the honour is a real tribute to the band’s dedicated fans.
The rock group was picked to join the prestigious institution in Cleveland, Ohio at this year’s ceremony on Saturday, but singer Rose stunned supporters by declining the offer and urging bosses not to induct him “in absentia” or let anyone accept the honour on his behalf.

The band’s former bassist McKagan still intends to attend the show with his ex-bandmates Slash, Matt Sorum and Steven Adler, and he insists they will go ahead with the tribute as a mark of respect to their fans.

In a post on his blog on Thursday, he writes, “My band, GNR, will be inducted into the so-fancy Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And on that night, I will honour not myself or the chicken dinner they will most surely provide, but I will be honouring all those people who call themselves the fans of our group called Guns N’ Roses.

“Adversity has followed this band since its inception. I get it. That seems to be my sort of ‘lot’ in life… and I think… those early records indeed may have helped countless others overcome varying adversities in their own lives. It’s a wonderful and poignant thing to hear from different fans from around this globe. I hope that I can do you all proud.

“In the end, it’s not about who does or doesn’t show up from the original band, and I back whatever reason this guy or that has for not coming. It’s all good. The songs are the important bit here… and the message they most certainly still must carry.”