Meek Mill Denied Sentence Appeal

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August 19, 2014 | 3:59am EST

A Pennsylvania judge has denied incarcerated rapper Meek Mill’s plea to be released from jail early, keeping him behind bars.
The Ima Boss hitmaker was sentenced to three-to-six months in prison last month after he failed to abide by the rules of his parole, linked to his 2009 drug and guns conviction.
According to the prosecution, Mill was in violation of his parole after he posted a photo of himself on posing with a gun, tested positive for drugs, booked out-of-town concerts, and did not keep in constant contact with his parole officer.
Mill’s defence team argued the gun was a prop for a music video, the drugs were prescribed by a doctor, and the rapper wasn’t given the exact limitations for his travel.
On Monday, Mill, real name Robert Williams, apologised for his mistakes and pleaded to be released from jail early in order to support his family and 30-person entourage.
However, Philadelphia judge Genece E. Brinkley denied his request for early parole, which would have meant his release from prison as early as Monday.
She also ordered the 27 year old to take parenting courses, receive drug and alcohol treatment, and anger management classes before he is let out, and if he does not complete the programs, Mill will have to serve the entire six months of his sentence.
Mill’s attorney, Christopher Warren, tells MTV News they are planning to take their case to a higher court, saying, “The case is pending in front of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court… asking (the Pennsylvania Supreme Court) to do what this judge refuses to do – recognise that mistakes were made and correct them.”