Melanie Brown Opens Up About Teenage Suicide Ordeal

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September 19, 2013 | 11:17am EST

Singer-turned-reality-TV judge Melanie Brown has opened up about her rough upbringing, revealing she contemplated suicide as a teenager.
The former Spice Girls star, who is currently reviving her pop career while enjoying a run as a mentor on America’s Got Talent, was bullied for her mixed-race heritage while growing up in Leeds, England.
Brown tells her fellow talent show judge, radio DJ Howard Stern, “Everybody has a rough teenage phase don’t they? Whether you are a boy, girl, straight or gay… It’s not even making fun. They didn’t know what to call me. Black, white, Indian, whatever… It was a bit strange growing up in Leeds. I lived four hours out of London so they are not used to mixed relationships.”