MGMT Want McCartney Collaboration

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August 13, 2010 | 11:15am EST

New York rockers MGMT are urging Beatles legend Paul McCartney to get in touch – after he namechecked them as the band he’d most like to collaborate with.

McCartney admitted last year that he would leap at the chance to work on dance tracks with the experimental band and even played a set with the duo in New York.

But the two parties have yet to step into the recording studio together – and MGMT are still waiting patiently for McCartney’s call.

Frontman Andrew VanWyngarden tells, “We did play a show with him (McCartney) last summer at New York park, which was really cool. But nothing has really come of the collaboration part of it.

“We still would really like to do that. We like Paul McCartney’s songwriting abilities and musical sensibilities. His bass playing is unreal – he is definitely my favorite bass player.”