Mia Farrow Defends Alec Baldwin After Snapper Clash

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February 19, 2013 | 11:16am EST

Veteran actress Mia Farrow has stepped up to defend beleaguered Alec Baldwin following his nasty run-in with a paparazzo in New York City on Sunday.
The 30 Rock star became embroiled in a dispute with New York Post staff photographer G.N. Miller near the Manhattan yoga studio owned by his pregnant wife, Hilaria Thomas.
Police officers were called to the scene and both men filed complaints, with Miller accusing Baldwin of using racist language – a claim the actor has strenuously denied.
Baldwin’s friend Farrow has now waded into the debate and spoken out in his defense, writing in a post on Twitter.com, “I know (Alec Baldwin). Let me be CLEAR, he is no racist.”
The actor’s 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan has also spoken out about the scuffle and he is adamant Baldwin should only apologize if he did use offensive language, telling radio’s Drex & Maney morning show, “If (Baldwin) called somebody a c**n, he should apologize… That goes for anybody. If another black person calls somebody a c**n, he should apologize… If he did it.”