M.I.A. Opens Up About Shoplifting Past

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November 14, 2013 | 2:15pm EST

British rapper M.I.A. has confessed she used to shoplift from high-end department stores as a youngster.
The Paper Planes hitmaker claims she indulged her passion for designer clothes during her troubled upbringing by stealing items from expensive shops.
The star, who recently collaborated with luxury brand Versace for a fashion project, tells NME magazine, “You couldn’t nick (steal) it at normal high-street stores because the security was insane. Every teenage person thinks about nicking it at the high-street stores.
“I would go to the top, top, top store, which is Harvey Nichols, because their security was so lax. I used to just go in there and pretend I was lost, then walk out with Versace jeans. I was the best dressed poor person in the world.”