Michael Bay Opens Up About Transformers Set Fire

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June 19, 2013 | 11:20am EST

Transformers director Michael Bay has spoken out to praise the firefighters who raced to the rescue when a blaze broke out on the set of the latest installment in the robot film franchise.
The moviemaker is currently shooting the fourth Transformers movie with lead actor Mark Wahlberg in Texas, and the project hit the news last week when a fire broke out a house where they were filming.
Bay has now opened up about the incident, praising the emergency workers who attended the scene, and clarifying reports which suggested a member of the crew had been injured.
In a post on his blog, Bay writes, “Shooting of Transformers 4 is going great with Wahlberg and the new cast. We are having a great time in Texas… Yes there was a small smouldering fire at a house and no, no one was injured during the fire. And no, no one ‘just narrowly escaped’ as the news dramatically states. A crew member though twisted his ankle after falling in a gopher hole on the ranch.
“The fire was put out in a brief 15 minutes by a great fire crew on set. It was an attic fire and cause is unknown. No we were not shooting in the attic, we were shooting outside on the ranch.”
The new blockbuster is due for release next summer.