Michael Buble Makes Surprise Donation To Fundraising Gig

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October 21, 2013 | 7:25am EST

Canadian crooner Michael Buble stunned guests at a community fundraising concert when he sent in a $3,000 donation.
The Gloucester Irish Community Centre in Wotton, England, played host to a show featuring a performance from Buble lookalike William May to raise money for Dementia UK.
Organiser Amanda Wall wrote to the singer to ask if he would lend the event his support, but she was shocked when the Beautiful Day singer responded with a sizeable donation, boosting the campaign’s total to $3,900.
County councillor Pam Tracey tells local newspaper The Gloucester Citizen, “It is easy to think very little of some of these stars but what a wonderful thing to do. It was very kind of him. He must get quite a lot of requests for support so it is lovely.”