Michael Cera & Gabby Hoffmann Get High For Real In Trippy New Movie Scenes

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June 17, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Juno star Michael Cera and actress Gabby Hoffmann got high for real on the set of new movie Crystal Fairy after sipping potent mescaline for a mindbending scene in the Chilean desert.
The two stars drank local brew San Pedro to prepare for the trippy scenes and Hoffmann admits the experience was amazing.
She tells WENN, “I’m on a constant journey of confronting and partaking in many various ways… and we just drank the San Pedro. We weren’t on drugs any other day (on set). We didn’t have to take it but I chose to; I wanted to.
“We were gonna have a day before we were filming where we all did it and then we’d decide if we wanted to shoot on it. I, from the get-go, was like, ‘I’m shooting on it!’ We didn’t have that preparatory day because we lost the time so I said, ‘Why don’t we shoot my day first ’cause I’m just one person and if it goes terribly awry it’s only one performance that’s gonna be affected?’
“I don’t have to interact with anybody and I had a fairly easy job to do once I was high. So the boys (Cera and their co-stars) took it the next day. There were two different batches cooked and the batch I took, I actually took two doses because I didn’t think it worked because I think it was cooked differently.
“The cactus you see us preparing and cooking (in the film); that’s what we drink. The boys took a different batch the next day and they all insisted they didn’t feel a thing! I drank it at eight in the morning and it lasted pretty much the whole day. I’ve never taken Peyote or San Pedro and everybody said it’s kind of like mushrooms… I did feel nauseous but only for a half an hour. I felt great throughout.
“As the sun was setting I was sort of coming down. It was fantastic. I was tripping in the gorgeous Chilean desert under the bright sun with wild flowers bursting all over the place and my naked body under the sky. I loved every second of it!”
But Cera had a different experience: “It was underwhelming. It didn’t work for anybody but Gabby and there had been a big build-up. We were driving around for a week in Chile, talking about it and thinking about it. It felt to me like a nice glass of Riesling.”
And the actor admits he’s a little worried about the reaction the film will get from drug users: “I am a little nervous about people who just smoke meth and coming up, ‘You made that movie for us!'”