Michael Douglas: ‘Angelina Jolie Risked Her Career By Talking About Cancer Surgery’

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September 6, 2013 | 11:21am EST

Cancer survivor Michael Douglas has commended Angelina Jolie for tackling prejudice in Hollywood by going public with her double mastectomy.
The actress underwent the drastic surgery to remove both her breasts after doctors discovered she was at risk of developing cancer.
She went public with the news over the summer, and Douglas, who previously battled throat cancer, is convinced Jolie risked her career by telling the world about her surgery.
He tells Britain’s GQ magazine, “Angelina is one of the greatest beauties in the world, so for her to come out publicly and expose it, in her profession, that takes real courage. She probably could have gotten away with doing it privately, but now she’s got it out there, taken control of the situation and raised awareness. I applaud her.”