Michael Douglas’ Movie Story Reflected Son’s Drug Case

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July 8, 2014 | 11:20am EST

Michael Douglas was surprised to find art imitating life when he was cast as a father whose drug-addicted son is sent to prison in new movie And So It Goes.
The Hollywood actor’s grown-up son Cameron is behind bars serving out a sentence for his role in a heroin ring, and Douglas’ new film appears to mirror his real life troubles.
Douglas plays a man who ends up caring for his granddaughter after his son is jailed on drug charges, and the Oscar winner admits he saw the similarities, telling the New York Post, “You read a script and you smile in those pieces… that come close to your story. I guess at this point in my life, at my age, you’ve gone through so many things that nothing really surprises you.”
Director Rob Reiner reveals Douglas was given the chance to change the parts of the script that were similar to his real life issues, but turned the offer down.
Reiner adds, “He said just leave it the way it is. It obviously must have been tough for him.”
It is not the first time Douglas has played the parent of a junkie onscreen – in Oscar-winning 2000 movie Traffic he portrayed a drugs tsar whose daughter was hooked on heroin.