Michael Fassbender Tapped For Kung Fury Sequel

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February 13, 2018 | 4:02am EST

Michael Fassbender is joining forces with David Hasselhoff to star in a feature-length sequel to short film Kung Fury.
David Sandberg wrote, directed and starred in the original 2015 action-comedy, which was partly financed via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and gained a cult following online after screening in the Cannes Directors Fortnight event.
It followed Sandberg’s titular character, a 1980s police detective in Miami, Florida, who discovers he possesses extraordinary kung fu powers after being struck by lightening and bitten by a cobra.
Knight Rider star Hasselhoff provided the True Survivor theme song and made a cameo as himself in the project, which was designed to pay homage to the martial arts and police action movies of the ’80s.
With over 40 million views online, it became so popular, Sandberg is now making a big screen follow-up to Kung Fury, with Hasselhoff returning for a role, too.
The sequel will be set in 1985, when Kung Fury’s Thundercops police force disbands after losing one of its own, making way for a mysterious villain to rise and embark on a mission to help Adolf Hitler, known as Kung Fuhrer, to take hold of a powerful weapon.
Specific details about X-Men: First Class star Fassbender’s character have yet to be revealed.
Production on Kung Fury 2 is set to begin this summer.