Michael Jackson Choreographer: ‘He Looked So Ill’

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May 8, 2013 | 8:46pm EST

A choreographer who rehearsed with Michael Jackson for his doomed This Is It comeback concerts expressed her concerns about the King of Pop’s health in the weeks leading up to his death in 2009.
Alif Sankey told the jury in Katherine Jackson’s ongoing wrongful death civil trial against the bosses of AEG Live she knew there was something seriously wrong with the pop star and she sent an email to tour director Kenny Ortega urging him to step in and address the singer’s failing health.
In court on Wednesday, Sankey revealed Jackson appeared thin and unprepared for the demands of the 50 London shows that were fast approaching.
She told the jury that she never received a reply to her emailed concern.
Jackson’s mother is suing AEG Live bosses for billions, claiming they were negligent in ignoring her son’s life-threatening health issues and blaming them for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who is serving time behind bars for administering the fatal dose of Propofol that killed the King of Pop, as her son’s physician.
Sankey also recalled a phone conversation she had with Ortega, during which she told him she believed the singer should be in hospital, not on a rehearsal stage.
She told the court, “I said, ‘He needs to be put in the hospital now…’ I kept going. I kept saying, ‘Michael’s dying, he’s dying’… I asked him (Ortega), ‘Why is no one seeing what I’m seeing?'”
The choreographer admitted that she and Ortega had a very emotional chat in the days leading up to Jackson’s death – because his behavior and language was becoming more and more bizarre – and he told the director he was talking directly to God.
She recalled, “He didn’t understand why God was speaking to him. We were both crying. We were crying because he seemed… he was not speaking normally to Kenny.”
The trial continues.