Michael Jackson Gig Promoters Wanted To Take Tour Global

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July 18, 2013 | 2:15pm EST

Concert promoters behind Michael Jackson’s doomed This is It residency in London had planned to take the tour global – a project which would have earned the King of Pop an estimated $132 million.
The news emerged during Wednesday’s court proceedings in the ongoing wrongful death trial in Los Angeles, where jurors were shown documents prepared by AEG Live bosses revealing their intent to have the Thriller hitmaker perform a further 186 shows around the world after wrapping up his 50-date commitment in the U.K.
The papers, prepared by AEG executives in 2008 to coax Jackson back onto the stage, were made public in the defence’s bid to counter a financial expert’s claim in court earlier this week that the tragic star stood to bank a massive fortune from ticket sales, merchandise and other deals had the tour been expanded for a global audience.
Accountant Arthur Erk, who did not work with Jackson or AEG, estimated the singer’s earning power could have topped more than $1 billion, but conceded that his projections were not based on any of his previous earnings or expenses.
Jackson died on 25 June, 2009, days before he was due to kick off the London This Is It dates.
His mother, Katherine Jackson, and his three children are suing AEG Live for wrongful death, accusing company chiefs of ignoring signs the singer was seriously ill and negligently hiring and controlling incarcerated physician Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered the dose of the anesthetic Propofol which led to the King of Pop’s death.
AEG’s lawyers maintain Murray worked directly for Jackson.
The trial continues.