Michael Jackson’s Son Recalls Father’s Tears Over Concert Pressure

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June 26, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Michael Jackson regularly broke down in tears amid fears the pressures of his doomed This Is It residency in London would result in his death, a court has heard.
The King of Pop’s eldest son, Prince Michael, made the shocking comments as he took the witness stand in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday to testify in the ongoing wrongful death lawsuit Jackson’s mother, Katherine, and his three kids have filed against bosses at concert promoters AEG Live.
The 16 year old opened up for the first time about the days leading up to his father’s death, revealing the singer was excited to make his live return, but was stressed and unhappy about the terms of his deal and wanted more time to perfect his show.
Prince recalled hearing his dad engaged in several tense phone conversations with AEG executives and the calls sometimes caused Jackson to break down in tears.
After one emotional chat, Prince claims the superstar remarked, “They’re gonna kill me… They’re gonna kill me.”
The teenager also remembered spotting AEG Live head Randy Phillips in a heated encounter with the Thriller hitmaker’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, at the family’s rented California mansion, where Phillips “looked aggressive” as he grabbed the medic’s elbow.
Discussing the fateful day his father died – exactly four years ago on Tuesday – Prince told the court that Murray announced to the whole house that Jackson had died of a heart attack. Coroners later ruled the singer had been killed by an accidental overdose of surgical anesthetic Propofol, which Murray, who is serving time on involuntary manslaughter charges, administered.
The Jacksons want AEG Live chiefs held responsible for hiring Murray and ignoring key signs the superstar was seriously ill prior to his passing in 2009.
Prince was the first member of the Jackson family to testify in the ongoing lawsuit. His sister Paris had also been due to give evidence during the trial, but it is not yet known if she will still be called as a witness after a suicide attempt landed her in hospital earlier this month.