Michaels Fuming Over Postponed Show

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August 6, 2010 | 7:35am EST

Rocker Bret Michaels was left fuming on Thursday when he arrived at a venue in New York only to find his show there had been postponed without his knowledge.

The Poison star and his crew arrived at the CNY Regional Market venue in Syracuse, New York on Thursday morning ahead of a planned concert there that evening, but they soon realized nothing had been set up for the gig.

The musician and his band were then informed the show had been postponed due to low ticket sales and Michaels admits he was furious that concert promoter Mike Banks had not told them earlier.

And he alleges Banks has yet to pay back the band’s deposit on the venue.

He tells New York’s WSYR-TV, “You don’t just go: ‘Hey I don’t feel like paying anybody.’ I think with a guy like Mike, he bit off more than he could chew… Here’s what he’s done: lots of fans will be disappointed. The fans mean everything to me, everything – cause to me that’s what makes the rock ‘n’ roll world go round.”

Michaels’ production manager Joey Stumpp adds, “It’s very unusual, very… There’s no stage, no sound, no lights.”

But Banks has defended his decision to call off the show, adding: “I never anticipated less than 1,000 tickets would be sold online for a superstar like Bret Michaels. A lot of the money which was set aside for deposits was used up due to lower attendance than anticipated.”