Mike Shinoda: ‘There’s No Way Linkin Park Would Tour With Chester Bennington Hologram’

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December 17, 2017 | 9:10pm EST

Linkin Park star Mike Shinoda has assured the band’s fans they will never perform with a Chester Bennington hologram.
The rocker is trying to figure out what to do with his band following Bennington’s suicide this past summer, but he insists he won’t be touring with the eerie image of his late pal.
“I can’t even wrap my head around the idea of a holographic Chester,” Mike tells Alternative Nation. “I’ve actually heard other people outside the band suggest that, and there’s absolutely no way. I cannot f**k with that.
“I can’t do a hologram Chester you guys, that would be the worst. For any of you guys who have lost a loved one, best friend, family member, can you imagine having a hologram of them? Awful. I can’t do it. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but we’ll figure it out eventually.”
Shinoda made the comments while promoting Linkin Park’s new One More Night Live album, which features tracks recorded on the road in Europe.
Bennington was remembered by his bandmates and famous friends and fans at a tribute concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles at the end of October.
The hologram idea might not work for Shinoda, but the former members of Dio are currently touring with the image of late frontman Ronnie James Dio, and former Judas Priest star Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, who occasionally joins the Dio Disciples for shows insists the idea is “groundbreaking”.
Prior to the first concert of the Dio Returns: The World Tour, which kicked off in Germany earlier this month, Owens said, “As a fan of music, I wasn’t real sure at first… but this is something groundbreaking. For me, I would love to see a David Bowie (hologram), or I would love to see… AC/DC with… Bon Scott… I’d love to see an Elvis one.”
Dio lost his battle with stomach cancer in 2010, aged 67. His hologram debuted at the Wacken Open Air festival in August, 2016.