Miley Cyrus Axes More Shows As She Remains Hospitalized

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April 17, 2014 | 7:09pm EST

Miley Cyrus has postponed two more concerts on her Bangerz tour as she remains hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction.
The Wrecking Ball hitmaker had to scrap a show in Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday after she was admitted to a medical center for an “extreme” reaction to a drug she had been prescribed to combat a sinus infection.
She subsequently pulled out of her Wednesday night gig in St. Louis, Missouri and she has now added Friday’s stop in her native Nashville, Tennessee and Saturday’s date in Louisville, Kentucky to the list of shows she’s had to reschedule.
News of the cancellations comes hours after a representative for the pop star admitted it could take anywhere “from five to 27 days” for Cyrus to fully recover.
The 21 year old is doing her best to assure fans she will be OK, even uploading a picture of herself her lying in her hospital bed to, but tabloid rumors suggesting her condition is much graver than reported have infuriated the star.
Tweeting from her sickbed, she writes, “So many ignorant stories out there no one is reading the official statement and these dumb asses are scaring my fans.”
She adds, “shut the f**k up & let me heal. stop scaring my family, friends, & fans.”
Miley then re-posted the “OFFICIAL STATEMENT” from her rep.
Cyrus, who also axed a tour stop in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this month due to a bout of influenza, is next scheduled to perform in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Monday.