Miley Cyrus Celebrates After Fans Reach Horse Carriage Ban Petition Target

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March 20, 2013 | 4:56am EST

Miley Cyrus is celebrating after her followers responded to her plea to back a petition calling for a horse carriage ban in New York, and hitting her target number of signatures within minutes.
The singer/actress’ family has long supported the animal-advocacy group New Yorkers for Clean, Liveable & Safe Streets’ (NYCLASS) campaign to do away with horse-drawn carriage rides in the Big Apple.
Cyrus’ younger sister Noah even marked her 13 birthday in February by urging fans to add their names to the online petition – and her fight clearly rubbed off on the former Hannah Montana star, who turned to her Twitter army on Tuesday to grab the final 761 signatures needed to reach 100,000.
The goal was hit just 11 minutes after Miley made her request on her Twitter page, and she tweeted her delight, “You all made my mama and all the horses so happy! My fans really do come in handy.”
Cyrus’ mother Tish, who has long been an advocate of the drive, added, “I cannot believe this! I keep watching the numbers grow on the website! This is incredible! WOW.”