Miley Cyrus Hits Back At Skylar Grey’s Insult

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September 6, 2013 | 2:17pm EST

Miley Cyrus has taken aim at singer Skylar Gray after the newcomer criticized the pop superstar’s controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and urged her to “put some clothes on”.
The former Hannah Montana star hit headlines last month after she joined Robin Thicke at the New York prizegiving to perform a raunchy rendition of his Blurred Lines hit, clad in a nude-colored, latex two-piece as she danced and gyrated with the 36 year old onstage.
During the performance, Gray took to her page and made it clear she wasn’t a fan, writing, “Keep ur (your) tongue in your mouth MileyCyrus and put some clothes on…. VMA”.
Cyrus did not respond to the jab until Thursday, when she replied directly to Gray by sharing a picture of the singer with a VMA ‘Moonman’ award in her mouth, and quipped, “says the one deep throating their moon man (sic)”.
Gray wasn’t the only star to express her distaste at Cyrus’ sexually-charged performance – her former TV mom, Brooke Shields, and singer Cyndi Lauper also went public with their criticisms of her antics following the awards show.
However, Cyrus remains unrepentant over the scandal and recently insisted she had no regrets because she made “history” with the gig.