Miley Cyrus Tweets Lorde As Fans Target Her For Chart Success

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September 20, 2013 | 2:10pm EST

Miley Cyrus has urged her fans to stop posting mean remarks about her new chart rival Lorde online after the Australian singer became an unlikely target on Twitter.
The newcomer beat Cyrus to the top of the iTunes chart this week with her international hit Royals, and tweeted about the achievement.
Her online joy was short lived, however, when vicious Miley fans took aim at her, with one writing, “kill yourself you crusty old hag”, and another threatening to “stab” her “rotting corpse”.
Others took aim at Lorde’s appearance, insisting her eyes are too far apart.
Cyrus decided enough was enough on Thursday night and sent a personal tweet to her chart rival in an effort to stop the taunts.
She wrote, “@lordemusic why r people so mean??? Ps your music is awesome.”
Lorde responded with praise of her own, adding, “new miley is SO on point with verse and pre-chorus melodies.”