Mission: Impossible Shoot Shuts Down Moroccan Road For Two Weeks

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September 1, 2014 | 3:11pm EST

Officials in Morocco are closing down a major highway for two weeks so Tom Cruise can shoot daring stunts for his next Mission: Impossible movie at the location.
The Top Gun star is currently filming the fifth installment in the action franchise, and last month he was snapped shooting a hair-raising sequence on top of the Vienna Opera House in Austria.
Now it has emerged the shoot is moving to the African nation of Morocco, where civic leaders have agreed to shut a main road between the major city of Casablanca and popular tourist resort Agadir to accommodate the film crews.
Officials at the Moroccan National Highway Company will close down the stretch of road for two weeks this month, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Filming is also due to take place in other Moroccan cities including Marrakesh and Rabat.