Momsen’s Pet Parts Pyromania

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September 10, 2010 | 11:25am EST

Taylor Momsen left her bandmates “grossed out” after her penchant for pyromania got out of hand – she once set fire to the uterus of her neutered pet dog.

The Gossip Girl actress-turned-rocker is a fan of lighting blazes, and regularly acts out her explosive hobby with her The Pretty Reckless bandmates.

But Momsen left her rocker pals stunned when they arrived at a recording studio one morning to find the star setting the removed reproductive organs of her pooch alight after the pet was spayed.

The band’s guitarist Ben Phillips tells Britain’s Heat magazine, “Taylor loves setting things on fire… she thinks we’re some rock ‘n’ roll badasses.

“In the studio, there was this pit where the owner would burn stuff. We’d burn old keyboards, computers, stuff them full of TNT and set them on fire. Taylor loves fire…

“One morning, Taylor got into the studio really early – she’d just had her dog neutered and brought in the bits. Which she then burned. We were grossed out. It smelled really bad.”