Morgan And Burke Angry Over London Riots

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August 8, 2011 | 4:15am EST

British newsman Piers Morgan and pop star Alexandra Burke have condemned the violent riots which ripped through London over the weekend.
The British capital has been under siege from gangs of thugs who hijacked a protest against police in Tottenham, North London following the fatal shooting of a local man on Thursday.

Missiles were hurled at riot police in the area before buildings, cars, and stores were set on fire and looters broke into retail chains.

Following the main riot on Saturday night, several disturbances spread to other parts of the city on Sunday, prompting America’s Got Talent judge Morgan to call for more action from Britain’s leaders.

Morgan took to his page to write, “More terrible scenes in London – what the hell is going on? And where are all the top politicians as Britain’s Capital city burns? Financial meltdown, London in flames – and (prime minister David) Cameron & (chancellor George) Osborne are sunning themselves on holiday? Ridiculous. Get back to work.”

Meanwhile, North London native Burke tweeted, “Hearing too much about what is going on in North London, this is seriously heart breaking. I wish this would all stop.”