Morrissey Website Owner Thrown Out Of Gig

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July 13, 2011 | 8:00am EST

Singer Morrissey has stepped up his campaign against a fan website by allegedly ordering his security guards to eject the forum’s owner from a concert.
The former The Smiths frontman stunned the audience at a show in England last month when he took to the stage wearing a T-shirt printed with the slogan: “F**k”.

The incident hit headlines and sparked criticism of the rocker for waging war against the popular fan site, where members often discuss rumours about his private life.

Now Morrissey appears to have stepped up his fight against the forum after owner David Tseng was thrown out of the Suedehead hitmaker’s show in Copenhagen, Denmark on Monday night.

Tseng insists he was ejected by the rocker’s own security crew and was given no reason for the incident, claiming he was told, “You know what you did.”

He writes, “It’s true, I was ejected before the show started by several of Morrissey’s security/crew. They didn’t give a reason other than ‘you know what you did’ which I assume is running this website. I went to get a refund at the ticket office but the Live Nation promoter denied it saying I had to take it up with the band.”