Moss Cleans Up Her Act

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September 10, 2010 | 11:25am EST

Supermodel Kate Moss has put her partying days firmly behind her – she has quit her “many vices” just five years after she was caught up in a cocaine scandal.

The hard-living British beauty was at the center of a storm in 2005 when she was pictured apparently snorting drugs at a recording studio during her high-profile romance with hellraising rocker Pete Doherty.

Experts predicted the scandal would finish her career, but Moss bounced back and remains one of the most sought-after catwalk queens – and now she’s revealed she’s turned her back on her wild past.

The model, who is currently dating The Kills star Jamie Hince, says, “I have decided to change my lifestyle. Too many vices. Too much alcohol. It’s about time I got myself in order because I’m no longer a little girl. So it’s early to bed and early to rise.”