Mullen Loses Seven-year-old Civil Suit Battle

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January 26, 2011 | 8:50pm EST

U2 star Larry Mullen has reportedly lost a seven-year-old civil battle with a South American promoter.
Website reports the drummer and two others have been ordered to pay $480,000 in damages after claiming Brazilian concert promoter Franco Bruni failed to pay U2 for two gigs in 1998.

Mullen went public with his remarks during an interview in 2000, prompting Bruni to sue him, insisting the rocker was mistaken.

Bruni stated he paid U2 the full amount and possessed the documentation to prove it.

Mullen’s bandmate Bono was acquitted of charges.

The journalist who conducted the charges, Mario Marques Pereira Neto, and Brazilian media company InfoGlobo were also found guilty.