Ne-Yo Opens Up About Paternity Test Heartbreak

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September 24, 2012 | 2:11pm EST

Ne-Yo recalled his past paternity test nightmare during a TV special on Sunday, revealing he really thought ex-girlfriend Jessica White’s baby boy was his.
The aspiring singer learned she was pregnant while Ne-Yo was on the road and, despite warnings from friends and family members, the So Sick singer was convinced Chimere, born in 2005, was his.
But when his mother weighed in and urged the singer/songwriter to get a paternity test to make sure, Ne-Yo agreed – and was stunned by the outcome.
Opening up about the drama on VH1’s Behind the Music, he recalls, “My mom was like, ‘You’re a grown man, you can make your own decisions, but as your mother I really feel like you should get the test done.’ ‘Alright ma, I’ll get the test done.’
“Jessica called me bawling… and all she could say is, ‘He’s not yours, he’s not yours…’ She just kept saying it over and over again to the point where I just dropped the phone… That hurt, because I had attached myself to that guy. This was my son.”
Always the good guy, the singer couldn’t turn his back on the baby when his relationship with White soured, adding, “I don’t care who the father is. In my mind I was still Chimere’s father. I was there when he was born.”
But that decision to stand by his cheating ex and her son tripped him up when White demanded child support from Ne-Yo.
He explains, “In the state of California, if you put yourself out there as the father, the mother can then come after you for child support, like you’re the biological father.”
The couple settled out of court for “an ungodly amount of money” and shortly after that his ex vanished with her son.
Fighting back tears on the TV special, Ne-Yo revealed he has no contact with the child he once thought was his son, adding optimistically, “Life goes on and so do we.”