Neeson Refuses To Celebrate 60th Birthday

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January 20, 2012 | 11:15am EST

Actor Liam Neeson has banned his family from throwing a surprise birthday party when he turns 60 later this year, as he can’t stand celebrating his old age.
The Schindler’s List star hits the milestone in June but he’s vowed not to mark it with a huge bash and has ordered his sons Michael and Daniel to resist the urge to organize a secret get-together.

Neeson, whose wife Natasha Richardson died following a skiing accident in 2009, tells the Daily Record, “I hate it. I’m not going to celebrate it. What am I going to do? Go to a strip club or something like that? I can’t do it.

“My sons were saying the other day, ‘Dad, we’re going to throw you a big party for your birthday’. I said, ‘No, we’re not!'”

And widower Neeson is also adamant he’s grown too old to step back into the dating game – asked if he’s on the lookout for love, he replies, “Nah. Because I’m 59, you know? I think I’m past my due date. I just feel it.”