Neiers Sent To Rehab

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December 9, 2010 | 10:30pm EST

Embattled reality star Alexis Neiers has avoided extra jail time and been ordered to check into a year-long rehabilitation program after she was arrested for drug possession earlier this month.
The 19 year old, who starred in TV series Pretty Wild, was jailed last week after failing to check in with her probation officer, stemming from her involvement in a raid on actor Orlando Bloom’s Hollywood home last year. When police moved to arrest her, they reportedly found her in possession of black tar heroin and a fake identity card.

The member of the infamous ‘Bling Ring’ burglary gang was hauled into court on Thursday to face a possible two-year jail term for the parole violation.

However, Judge Peter Espinoza decided instead to sentence her to rehab – although he issued her with a stern warning should she slip up in her recovery.

He told Neiers, “Let me make this clear. If you come back to me for using heroin you are going to prison. No one is going to do anything to change the fact that you are a heroin addict for the rest of your life. They can only help you stop using.”

Neiers will serve the time at Malibu, California’s SOBA Recover Center.