Neneh Cherry Opens Up About Breakdown Battle

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February 26, 2014 | 11:22am EST

Singer Neneh Cherry has detailed the terrifying breakdown she suffered following the death of her mother.
The Buffalo Stance hitmaker was plunged into a dark despair when her mom Moki passed away in 2009, and now she has opened up about her devastating depression.
She spent a year battling her dark thoughts and became so unwell she could barely tie her own shoelaces – but she eventually came back from the brink by writing new songs from her bed.
Cherry tells Mojo magazine, “It was really seriously heavy. I went into shock and was traumatised for a year, I had a breakdown and just lost it. One day I was almost unable to tie up my shoes – all the fine-tuning had gone. After the first full year I had to find a way of unloading some of the stuff that was all piled up in there, and that’s when I started writing.”