Nick Carter: ‘Family Blamed Me For My Sister’s Death’

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September 24, 2013 | 11:17am EST

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter was shut out from his sister’s funeral because he was “blamed by the rest of the family” for her death.
Carter’s younger sister Leslie died from a drug overdose in January, 2012, and he subsequently hinted at a rift in the family after he was absent from her memorialservice in New York.
The pop singer, who has battled drug addiction himself in recent years, has now revealed his relatives blamed him for Leslie’s death, as they thought he should have been around more to help her prior to her passing, and he is now undergoing therapy in a bid to resolve his issues with his loved ones.
In a candid interview with talk show host Phil McGraw, Carter fights back tears as he says, “The reason I did not go (to the funeral)… I started to get blamed by the rest of the family for her death… It has been toxic. The communication is something I’m still trying to work on by going to therapy…
“Leslie and I had a very hard relationship our whole life. I wanted nothing but the best for my sister. When it happened, I lay on my shower floor for hours, torn, because I wanted to go to her funeral so badly. It was really tough for me… There’s definitely a part of me that did blame myself…”